Fixing CVS annotate

3415325123_d6e1435b48_b Yes, some of us work on projects started almost a decade ago and as such we use CVS (yes, CVS has many limitations and yes, git is better – for a nice introduction see Randal Schwarz’s video about git), but migrating is not directly justifiable (it would involve: training IT ...

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Careful with that axe^H^H^H static, Eugene!

557403262_2d8d8a3576_b An other instance from the “bugs which will bite you” series:

public class TestStatic {
    static class Foo {
        static Foo instance = new Foo();
        static String name = Foo.class.getName();

        public Foo() {
            System.err.println("Hello, my name is " + name);

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.err.println("Your name is ...
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Spot the error

C++ compilers are notorious for giving error messages which point you in the wrong direction. However even simpler languages can have issues. Can you spot the real problem with the java code below?


There is a comma missing between the parameters! Nice, ey? (To be fair, on the sidebar Eclipse ...

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