Resume / Curriculum Vitae

I’m a senior software engineer who can provide a complete solution to problems including analysis, design and development with a focus on excellence.

I’m always interested in new opportunities. Don’t hesitate to to see how we can collaborate.

  • Independent worker
  • End-to-end knowledge of computer systems
  • Ability to debug complex problems at different level of the stack (application code, network, OS)
  • Fast learner
  • Good communicator


Qiagen, from 2014


Team lead

  • Maintained and enhanced a ~150k LOC Java codebase
  • Redesigned and optimized the system to be able to process 10x the data in 10x less time
  • Introduced best practices to the team such as code review and testing
  • Migrated application from Java 6 to Java Team lead
  • Interviewed and evaluated candidates for different developer roles

Udacity, 2012 to 2014


Software developer

  • Implemented, maintained and enhanced open source components of the Udacity offerings
  • Implemented, maintained and enhanced the continuous delivery architecture
  • Implemented features and enhanced a ~200k LOC Google App Engine application in Python
  • Spearheaded the company Open Source efforts
  • Migrated a medium-size Python project (OSQA) from Django 1.3 to 1.6

Tora Trading Services, 2012 to 2014


  • Trainer
  • Ran the internal training program for onboarding junior developers
  • Trained/onboarded over 30 junior developers

Tora Trading Services, 2008 to 2012

Romania/Cluj-Napoca, Japan/Tokyo

Software developer

  • Maintained a medium size (~1 million LOC) Java system (fixing bugs and adding new features)
  • Designed, implemented and maintained a risk-management system
  • Supervised the CI system (Cruise Control and Jenkins)
  • Organized and presented at internal meetings aimed at information sharing and professional development teams
  • Maintained intraweb applications
  • Migrated intraweb applications to Google App Engine
  • Prototyped group chat functionality for IT help desk with GAE / XMPP
  • Integrated proprietary system monitoring software with the messaging system
  • Interviewed and evaluated candidates for different developer roles

BitDefender, 2006 to 2008

Romania/Cluj-Napoca, Romania/Bucuresti

Sr. Virus Researcher

  • Analyzed more than 5000 malware samples
  • Analyzed two exploit-based malware families
  • Co-created and maintained of a 30 GB+ database about files which are being processed by the system
  • Written a module in Python to extract characteristics of PE executable files
  • Written a proof-of-concept machine learning system in Python + Perl to classify PE executable files as malicious and non-malicious
  • Maintained the internal wiki (DokuWiki based)
  • Maintained and improved the system responsible for the initial automated analysis of incoming samples

Freelancer, 2003 to 2006

Romania/Cluj-Napoca, Romania/Tirgu-Mures

  • Written the statistics gathering part for POS system in VB.NET which included the loading of legacy data from binary data files
  • Created a web scraper which gathered indexing statistics from Google
  • Created a multi-threaded application in Java to index the contents of SMB shares and FTP sites on a LAN
  • Written a DLL in Delphi (to be used from VB 6) to play back tones on the PC speaker
  • Created a company website in PHP + MySQL including a mini-CMS and product listing
  • Created an intranet website in PHP + MySQL concerned with tracking the work details for a small typography.
  • Provided architectural and security review for a farely high-profile Romanian website (PHP)


M.Sc. Networks and Distributed Systems, 2009

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

  • Thesis: A comparative study of methods using machine learning classifiers for detecting computer network attacks
  • Advisor: Dr. Emil Cebuc

B.Sc. Computer Science, 2007

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

  • Thesis: Virtual environment for the automated analysis of malicious code
  • Advisor: Dr. Emil Cebuc


  • Java, Python
  • PHP, Perl
  • C, C++
  • VB 6, VB.NET, C#
  • SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • x86 Assembler
  • Pascal, Delphi
  • Linux, Windows
  • XML, XPath, XQuery
  • SVN, Mercurial, Git


  • Hungarian: Native Language
  • Romanian: Advanced
  • English: Advanced
  • German: Medium